ViaAqua Titanium Heaters



Product Description

The ViaAqua Titanium Heater incorporates the best technology and electrical components to date. This heating element is manufactured of pure titanium that will not crack like conventional glass heaters. For larger environments use multiple heaters. The remote thermostat allows you to alter the temperature without getting your hands wet. With a temperature scale built into the front of the heater, setting the optimum temperature for your aquarium is as simple as a turn of the knob.




-Safe for both Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

-Adjustable Temperature Range 68F to 93F

-1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

-Includes 2 suction cups for securing to aquarium

-Fully Submersible Titanium Heater


100w 10″ Long Up to 25 gallons
200w 11.25″ Long Up to 50 gallons
300w 11.25″ Long  Up to 80 gallons



Additional Information

ViaAqua Titanium Heater

ViaAqua Titanium Heater 100w, ViaAqua Titanium Heater 200w, ViaAqua Titanium Heater 300w