Tunze Osmolator Dosing System


Product Description






Complete auto top-off system by Tunze. The Osmolator® will be supplied with low voltage metering pump, mounting magnets, tubing controller and power supply. You only need a reservoir and water!




-An optic operated mini sensor recognizes the water level precisely.

-Displays all functions optically and sounds a signal in case of failures.

-New Magnetic Sensor mount, so easy to use!

-Redundant security: the main sensor is a proprietary optic sensor. Should that fail a safety float switch shuts the unit off and sounds an alarm.   Even if that fails safety circuitry shuts off the pump after 10 minutes.


What’s in the Box

-instruction manual

-ac adaptor

-6 ft tubing

-metering pump

-float sensor

-electronic water level sensor


-sensor mounting hardware