Thrive Potassium



Product Description

Thrive Potassium is designed to increase potassium in your SPS or low nutrient reef aquarium. Some reef aquariums will need supplementation of potassium for montipora and other SPS to thrive. Potassium may also be depleted by bacteria. Potassium ion is necessary for the function of all living cells. A deficit in potassium can result in lightened colors in SPS, weak growth, and tissue recession. Most artificial saltwater is deficient in potassium and requires this additive to maintain natural seawater levels. Most people will need to add potassium every time they do a water change, depending on the type of artificial salt that’s used. Test your water to understand your consumption and add weekly, as needed.

Additional Information

Thrive Potassium

Thrive Potassium 20.3oz Bottle, Thrive Potassium 20.3oz Refill Bag