Thrive Bio-Stimulant Liquid



Product Description

This product is designed to decrease phosphates and nitrates naturally in your reef aquarium. Thrive’s Bio-Stimulant Liquid provides a source of organic carbon to bacterioplankton. Bacterioplankton consumes  phosphate and nitrate reducing them to a product that is easily removed by your systems skimmer.   Thrive’s Bio-Stimulant Liquid provides carbon rich nutrients for care of your bacterioplankton. Thrive’s Bio-Stimulant Liquid encourages new biomass without promoting the red slime or hair algae that would naturally occur in the presence of excess phosphates and nitrates. 173,742 mg/kg Carbon.

Additional Information

Thrive Bio-stimulant Liquid

Thrive Bio-Stimulant Liquid 20.3oz Bottle, Thrive Bio-Stimulant Liquid 20.3oz Refill Bag