SICCE Whale Canister Filters



Product Description

Sicce has launched the Sicce Whale canister filter that can handle the filtration needs of a variety of tank sizes.  Although these aren’t commonplace in reef systems, the Sicce pumps and  filtration volume available makes this an interesting filter to throw on a  saltwater tank, quarantine tank, or to use from time-to-time to polish the water  in your reef system.

For anyone that’s had issues with priming a canister or losing a seal (and  making a huge mess), the newer canister filters make implementing them a snap.  The new Sicce Whale features quick disconnects and a self-priming pump to make  it easy to set up. The system can also handle biological, mechanical and  chemical media.



Whale 2:
Flow rate: 185gph
Tank capacity: 25-50 gal
Power absorption: 8w
Head max: 4.6ft
Canister volume: 1.1 gal
Baskets: 3


Whale 3:
Flow rate: 264gph
Tank capacity: 50-90 gal
Power absorption: 16w
Head max: 5.25ft
Canister volume: 1.8 gal
Baskets: 3


Whale 4:
Flow rate: 317gph
Tank capacity: 80-135 gal
Power absorption: 18w
Head max: 6.6ft
Canister volume: 2.5 gal
Baskets: 4



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SICCE Canister Filter

SICCE Whale 2 Canister Filter, SICCE Whale 3 Canister Filter, SICCE Whale 4 Canister Filter