SICCE Voyager Powerheads



Product Description

Sicce Voyager Powerheads are the new evolution in stream pumps from Sicce. These powerheads are designed to allow perfect simulation of marine currents in your aquarium. The rotor, with anti-wear shaft, guarantees endless and silent ON/OFF .



New features include:

-Regulation of the water flow’s power, creating flows of different intensity for soft and hard corals.

-Support can be rotated 360°.

-Pump flow can be directed upward and downward up to 180°.

-Highly resistant magnetic support, for glass up to 15mm thick, consents angle positioning.


SICCE Voyager 3 – 1188gph

SICCE Voyage 4 – 1585gph

Additional Information

SICCE Voyager Powerhead

SICCE Voyager Powerhead 3, SICCE Voyager Powerhead 4


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