Red Sea Co2 Reactor 500


Product Description





Efficiently dissolves CO2 into aquarium water. This fully adjustable, power driven, super compact CO2 reactor will simply and efficiently maintain the desired level of CO2 in a wide range of planted aquariums. The turbulent flow CO2/water interface inside the reactor ensures almost complete dissolving of available CO2 while non-dissolvable gases are gently vented to the water surface. Highly effective vortex reaction chamber Adjustable flow 250 l/h (65 gal/h) pump Super compact design 9.5 x 4 x 5.5 cm (3.75? x 1.6? x 2.2?) Dissolves CO2 at flow rates of up to 180 bubbles per minute Suitable for planted aquariums 10 to 125g.

Micro bubble diffuser with integrated bubble counter & check valve. Compact design enables optimum diffusion of CO2 gas, accurate measurement of gas, and has a built in check valve. Produces extra fine CO2 gas bubbles and can be located at the very bottom of the aquarium.