MP40w ES Vortech



Product Description

The MP40wES  is the workhorse of the VorTech line. Well proven on tanks between 50 and 500+ gallons,  the MP40 produces 1,000 to 3,200 gallons of flow per hour and will span up to 3/4 -inch  glass. The  MP40wES comes equipped with the EcoTech RF wireless module pre-installed. The current wireless capability of EcoTech products allows communication between ”w” enabled EcoTech products. Communication allows for advanced modes and features in which synchronized flow or coordinated flow and lighting conditions can be created.

Battery Backup Unit.
Wet-side Assemebly Kit for Vortech MP40w ES

Additional Information

Vortech MP40

Vortech MP40w ES, Vortech Battery Backup, Wet-side Assemebly for MP40w ES