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Product Description

EcoTech Marine has created a new benchmark for wave-like flow by taking a direct route to what we all desire as reef aquarium hobbyists; we wanted high flow, low heat, easy, efficient and controllable technology. Now we have the technology to deliver it. The VorTech propeller pump installs easily onto any aquarium with a glass or acrylic thickness that is ¾” and below. No drilling or accessory brackets are necessary, as the VorTech propeller pump uses magnetic force to transmit energy through the aquarium wall. The new single controller will provide pulsing-wave algorithms allowing the creation of standing surface waves in most aquariums. It also features a feed mode allowing you to shut your pumps down for 10 minutes with the press of a button.

The  MP10wES comes equipped with the EcoTech RF wireless module pre-installed. The MP10ES does not have wireless capability standard but can easily be upgraded to an MP10wES by installing the RF module.

Battery Backup Unit.
Mp10 ES to Mp10w ES wireless conversion kit.
Wet-side Assemebly Kit for Vortech MP10

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Vortech MP10

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