JBJ Titanium Heater



Product Description

The JBJ True Temp Titanium Heating System is the most complete heating system to date with the most advanced features that set it apart as the leading heater for professional hobbyists. The advanced microprocessor constantly reads and displays the correct temperature to a tenth of a degree with a large LED display. Easy push buttons make setting your desired temperature simple and easy. Titanium—the perfect submersible element for fresh or saltwater aquaria. Virtually indestructible with the benefits of fast heat transfer without any corrosion. Integrated thermal shut off and out of water safety mechanism. An integrated smart memory chip will restore the previous temperature set point and calibration to the last stored setting once the power returns after a failure. Others features include Magnetic Heater Holders, and thick protective safety guards.



300w 13.1” 60-100g
500w 13.1” 100-160g
800w 16.7″ 160-260g
1000w 16.7″ 200-300g



Additional Information

JBJ Titanium Heaters

JBJ Tru Temp Titanium Heater 300W, JBJ Tru Temp Titanium Heater 500W, JBJ Tru Temp Titanium Heater 800W, JBJ Tru Temp Titanium Heater 1000W