Innovative Marine LED 92w

IM SkkyeLight 92W Tablet LED



Product Description

Meet the new SKKYELIGHT tablet that is flexible enough to be mounted inside a canopy or clamped on both rimless and framed aquariums with ease. Each tablet boasts powerful light output offered in  92 watt version with three independent power cords for daylight, sunrise/sunset, and moonlighting. All tablets are actively cooled with a quiet frameless fan and are no bigger than a typical notebook or tablet. Available in Black or White.

Product Dimensions  23.42 x 11.81 x 15.78



– 92 watt Skkye Light Tablet LED Illumination

– Daylight, Sunrise/Sunset, & Moonlight

– Extruded Aluminum Arm

– Rimless Clamp (up to 18mm) thickness

– Frame Clamp (up to 30mm) thickness

– Independent Power Cords

– Low Voltage Transformer

– Actively Cooled w/ low noise frameless fan

– Thermally Protected

– Modern Design

-Low Profile



Additional Information

IM SkkyeLight 92W

IM SkkyeLight 92W Dual Spectrum Tablet LED (Black), IM SkkyeLight 92W Dual Spectrum Tablet LED (White), Retrofit Mounting Hardware, IM SkyyeLight 92W 10k LED (White), IM SkyyeLight 92W 20k LED (Black), IM SkyyeLight 92W 14k (Black)