Hydor Pro Canister Filter



Product Description




Hydor’s Professional Canister Filter is designed for modern aquarium keepers, with intelligent design for efficiency of space and performance and more versatility than other canister filtersThe Hydor Professional Aquarium External  Filter is a complete Eco-System in a box. All the Biological,  Mechanical and Chemical filtration that any environment requires for a  healthy and long-lived aquatic experience. From the Easy Priming feature  to the telescopic intake tubes, everything had been made easy. Comes  complete with all media.



Aquarium Size

Filter Stages

Pump Output Head Max Water Column Power Consumption
Pro-150 20-40 Gallon

2 Trays

190 GPH

4.27 Feet

11 Watts

Pro-250 40-75 Gallon

3 Trays

225 GPH

4.92 Feet

17 Watts

Pro-350 60-100 Gallon

4 Trays

280 GPH

5.91 Feet

22 Watts

Pro-450 75-125 Gallon

4 Trays

320 GPH

4.59 Feet

34 Watts

Pro-600 90-150 Gallon

5 Trays

345 GPH

4.92 Feet

35 Watts


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Hydor Pro Canister

Hydor Pro 150 Canister, Hydor Pro 250 Canister, Hydor Pro 350 Canister, Hydor Pro 450 Canister, Hydor Pro 600 Canister