Eheim/Jager Heaters



Product Description

High-tech electronic aquarium heater you can recalibrate for ultimate temperature control. Jager Thermostat Heater allows easy manual recalibration to ensure precision aquarium temperature regulation. Quality German engineering boosts heater performance for improved efficiency and fully submersible operation in fresh or saltwater aquariums. Shatterproof laboratory glass housing resists cold water shock and thermo-safety control shuts heater off automatically when water level dips too low. ON/OFF indicator light for at-a-glance monitoring of heater operation. Adjustable temperature range from 64°F to 93°F with +/-0.5°F accuracy. Six foot power cord. Maximum outside diameter on all heaters is 1″.




50w 9″ 7-17g
75w 10″ 16-26g
100w 12″ 26-40g
125w 12″ 40-53g


  150w   13″ 53-79g
200w 15″ 79-106g
250w 17″ 106-159g
300w 19″ 159-264g


Additional Information

Eheim Aquarium Heater

Eheim 50w Heater, Eheim 75w Heater, Eheim 100w Heater, Eheim 150w Heater, Eheim 200w Heater, Eheim 250w Heater, Eheim 300w Heater