Eheim Ultra G Series



Product Description

High-capacity, power filters accommodate any fresh or saltwater aquarium. They offer superior filtration with an integrated flow indicator and adjustable output to let you monitor and customize water flow. Large-volume pre-filter and media baskets. Includes 1 coarse and 1 fine filter media pad.




Model: G65
Aquariums up to: 31-65 gallons
Pump Output: 250 gallons/hour

Model: G90
Aquariums up to: 47-92 gallons
Pump Output: 276 gallons/hour

Model: G160
Aquariums up to: 63-158 gallons
Pump Output: 330 gallons/hour

Additional Information

Eheim Ultra G Series

Eheim Ultra G65, Eheim Ultra G90, Eheim Ultra G160