Eheim Aquastyle Nano’s



Product Description

Enjoy a designer look with that is both simple and sophisticated. A serene and fascinating approach to living art. An attractive and unique feature for any environment. The Aquastyle’s size and design makes it easy to enjoy with minimal maintenance. Available in 4-Gallon, 6-Gallon and 9-Gallon sizes.




High quality glass with rounded corners to allow a seamless view.

High efficiency power corner filter (only uses 4w).

Powerful compact corner internal filter, completely equipped with filter cartridge and bio-filter material

High output PowerLED light with a long life rated 20,000 service hours – 5 years with average usage.

Additional Information

Eheim Aquastyle Nano

Eheim Aquastyle 4 Gallon, Eheim AquaStyle 6 Gallon, Eheim Aquastyle 9 Gallon