Acan 600 Series L.E.D.



Product Description

The new 600 Series is the perfect blend of power and simplicity. Our new alternating “blue-white” outer LED strips gives the 600 Series a visually pleasing look, and even distribution of the blue and white LEDs. No worries about intensity – the light output from the 600 Series has been proven to beautifully maintain and grow SPS corals. Like the A104AC, heat dissipation is handled passively through the heat-sink, allowing the 600 Series to operate without cooling fans, ensuring maintenance-free, silent operation. The 600 Series features the same integrated programmable controller found on our other models, allowing Intensity Control for the white, blue, and moon light and 5 individual time stages, each with programmable intensity control.



 600-12B – 12.9”x 8”x1.5” – 28 white LED 14 blue LED 50watts

600-18B – 18.7”x 8”x1.5” – 42 white LED  21 blue LED 70watts

600-24B – 24.5”x 8”x1.5” – 56 white LED  28 blue LED 100watts

600-36B – 36”x 8”x1.5” – 84 white LED  42 blue LED 150watts

600-48B – 47.6”x 8”x1.5” – 112 white LED  256blue LED 200watts

Additional Information

Acan 600 Series

Acan 600-12B, Acan 600-18B ‘, Acan 600-24B, Acan 600-36B, Acan 600-48B