SunBrite Multi Color LED F-Series

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Product Description

The SunBrite Multi-Colored LED System is the first wi-fi integrated LED system on the market!

The SunBrite F-Series fixtures will come in 24″, 36″,48″, 60″, and 72″ with Cree XPG 5W LEDS for deeper penetration. The fixtures will provide as much light as a 400w metal halide but uses less than half the power.

- Control using iPhone/iDevices
- Dimmable with Thundering Effects
- Cree XPG LEDs with Red, 440nm Actinic, 470nm Actinic, Green, White, and UV
- External Ballast with fan
- Heat Sink
- CE and RoSH certified
- Up to 200Par with 36″ fixture on the bottom of a 65Gal (36″x18x24″) tank
- 48″ fixture can cover up to 120Gal (48″x24″x24″) tank



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Sunbrite LED F-Series

Sunbrite 24” F-Series LED, Sunbrite 36” F-Series LED, Sunbrite 48” F-Series LED, Sunbrite 60” F-Series LED, Sunbrite 72” F-Series LED